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“Authentic Greek food cooked to perfection. The atmosphere is amazing, staff are friendly and attentive, nothing is too much trouble. It’s just what Falmouth needs.”

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Authentic Greek Cypriot Restaurant in Falmouth, Cornwall

With its whitewashed walls, blue and white tablecloths and sirtaki music, Stavros’ Greek-Cypriot restaurants in Newquay and latterly Falmouth bring a blast of Mediterranean warmth to Cornwall – whatever the weather might be doing outside. “If we had Mediterranean weather here, no one would need to go abroad – the beaches are fabulous,” says owner Stavros Stavrou, who has lived in Newquay for 26 years.

Originally from Nicosia, Stavros came to the UK as a seven-year-old in 1956, when his father brought the family over to escape the civil war that left Cyprus split as it is today, between Cyprus and Turkey. A family portrait taken two days before they left the island hangs on the wall: “I’m the good-looking one,” he quips. “We were British subjects, but my father spoke no English and had no job, nowhere to live and five kids – it was a brave move.” The Stavrous settled in north London, and Stavros has lost little of his accent – a charming mix of Greek and estuary vowels – or his style. In his crisp, open-necked white shirt, smart waistcoat and flat cap, he’s the spitting image of the Greek café patron in the painting on the wall. “Every time my wife buys a new pair of shoes, I buy a new hat,” he says, adding mischievously: “I have a lot of hats.”

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